Hanvon plans to take E Ink to next level by adding a little color to the technology

With the stand-alone E-Book readers came E Ink. Thanks to this tech we can enjoy a near ‘book-like’ experience on an electronic medium that actually also saved on battery life. E Ink technology, like any other tech is also evolving and a Chinese company is getting ready to announce their product that will feature a color E Ink device. The device that will be the first to carry this new type of display set up is from the Beijing company, Hanvon Technology. So for those of you avid digital readers out there who were hoping to see a little color in the clear, legible but slightly drab displays of e-books, things are about to change. But forget about watching videos and such other high-end stuff. It’ll be more like a first gen color display mobile that could run animations but not video. The yet-to-b-christened device will come with a large 9.638-inch touchscreen display and be available with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity options. It’s due to hit shelves sometime in March of next year and would be priced at approximately $440(US). It’s not something that can compete with a Tablet PC but it can surely compete with Barne’s & Nobel’s new Color Nook e-book reader.