A poster with conductive ink which doubles as a lamp

With the rise of LED lights, we’ve seen a bunch of extraordinary lighting installations and solutions. One of these fabulous concepts and designs is French designer Jean-Sébastien Lagrange’s conception, a cross between a poster and a lamp called the L-INK Lamp Poster. This concept uses LEDs that illuminate when a magnet at the bottom right corner is folded up to another, causing a connection between the start and end of a conductive ink trail!

According to Lagrange, these are extremely easy to create and can be developed by just about anybody, using a sheet of paper and some ink! The concept lamp was developed in collaboration with French design studio Chevalvert. Currently, Jean-Sébastien Lagrange has his brainchild on display at the Biennale Saint-Étienne. The concept could also be used to create futuristic signage in the future, with the conductive ink serving as a writing medium. A fantastic concept that abolishes the need for messy wiring, the L-INK Lamp Poster is the future of modern-day lighting solutions!