A whole Family of Sony Google TVs announced with prices, go up from 24” to 46”

The reality of Google TV is beginning to… well, to get real. We’ve seen the Sony prototypes at IFA, the Sony controller that leaked on NBC and now we’ve got a whole ‘family’ of Google TV’s from Sony with models in various prices ranges depending of course on the size you want. The models – NSX-24GT1, NSX-32GT1, NSX-40GT1, NSX-46GT1 correspond to the sizes of the TV. For example the NSX-40GT1 is a 40-inch TV and so on. The price list has also made it out this time. The NSX-32GT1 will set you back a cool $1299.99, the NSX-40GT1 is priced at $1499.99 and the NSX-46GT1 at $1899.99. The price tag on the 24 incher is still unknown. Let’s be honest here, we didn’t expect these to be cheap but they aren’t too high priced either all things considered.
[Sony Insider]