Adding 64GB SSD to Mac Book will cost you dearly

pricyapplebook111.jpgDuring the keynote Steve announced that the 64GB SSD was an “option” on the MacBook Air. Well if go for the option then the 1.8GHz version with the SSD drive standard costs a whopping $3,100. to give you a clear picture, adding a 64GB SSD to a Dell laptop with a 128GB SATA drive standard is a $1,000 option. At Alienware, it costs $900 to upgrade to a 64GB SSD from a 320GB 5400RPM drive. Those are probably 2.5-inch SSDs, however. The 1.8-inch SSDs used in the Macbook Air are costlier, with prices fringing around $1,300 on their own around the web.