AHKY the wrist worn translation device

AHKY is Arabic for ‘speak’ plus it’s a translation device developed by Iraqi-born Amin Ismail (student of University of Derby), which can be worn on the wrist. Language has always been a barrier when one travels abroad; getting translators to communicate is not always easy, especially if you belong to the Military. AHKY will soon be worn by the British troops when they get deployed to Iraq. The device currently has ten phrases, which have been programmed in English, Arabic and Kurdish. Phrases such as ‘nothing will happen to you’; ‘turn around slowly’; and ‘come here’ are included in the translation.

Amin Ismail’s design got recognition at the University of Derby’s Arts, Design and Technology Degree Show, where Civil Defense Supply (CDS) saw it. Thus crossing the language barrier will no longer be a hurdle for the British Military.