Alpha robot beats Spongebob with 360 burgers an hour

We’re on the brink of a revolution in the food industry and Momentum Machines adds a bit of electronics, robotics and mechanics to the production of burgers. The robot, known for its speed, comes with a promise of producing ‘gourmet quality burgers at fast food prices’. It works on a conveyor belt-like system that customizes the burgers based on the customers’ whims. The veggies are placed fresh on top of the burger only after the cooking is complete. All this culminates with the packaging. The speed is the real talking point here. Alpha manages to roll out 360 hamburgers in an hour.

This can lead to a lot of automation and loss of jobs as the machine automates order placements, delivery, preparation and even customization. Further, the company wants to add a custom meat grinding feature that mixes different meats. They even want to launch its first restaurant with a robot-only staff. Farewell tipping!