AMD teases industry’s first supercomputing graphics card with 12GB memory

Chip manufacturer AMD has teased a new a 12GB version of its Firepro S10000 graphics processing unit (GPU), which was launched in November last year and available in 6GB version, designed for big data high performance computing (HPC) workloads. AMD claims the Firepro S10000 12GB is the industry’s first supercomputing server graphics card. The new 12GB GPU features ECC memory plus DirectGMA support, which according to the company allows developers working with large models and assemblies to use parallel processing capabilities of AMD GPUs, which are based on the AMD’s Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture.

With the new Firepro S10000, AMD is targeting industries with the need of high capacity compute/visualization servers, double precision, single precision and ultra high-end workstations for GPU compute and 3D graphics performance in computer aided engineering applications. Nvidia has overshadowed the presence on AMD in the GPU-accelerated supercomputing market up till now and the Quadro K6000 GPU, which was unveiled in July this year with very similar specifications will complete with the Firepro S10000 12 GB. AMD will The AMD will launch the FirePro S10000 12GB version in early in 2014.