Amenbo’s five finger mouse fits ergonomic bill, or does it?

03.pngI’ve wondered what the mouse has against other fingers, to ensure that it is so biased toward your pointer and middle finger. So did Amenbo think the same and roll out the Amenbo five finger mouse to make use of all your digits, rather than using them to strike the dirt on the edges of your mouse. Japan has the ideas that few can think of and that’s exactly what their Double Research and Development came up with. The amazing idea of the Amenbo mouse that makes sure you don’t waste your digits. Each finger has a track pad and functioning pointer that is linked with a common base. It is also pressure sensitive, a feature that may help in precision-based applications. Video after jump!

The manufacturer states, “It is also different from touch panels since a special sensor is attached to each finger, so it can identify which finger on whose hand it is, and even if you lift your fingers off it can follow them from beginning to end.”