Special edition Android Mini by Dead Zebra celebrates the year of the horse

android-mini-special-edition-year-of-the-horse-1Dead Zebra every year celebrates the Chinese New Year by creating a special edition Android Mini themed after the calendar animal. Last year they introduced the special edition Android Mini celebrating the year of snake, and a few days back the company announced the release date and details of the new Android Mini titled the ‘Year of Horse’. On the Chinese zodiac, this is the year of the horse and we all know Dead Zebra loves to celebrate these occasions and paying tribute to it, the company has unveiled the new Android Mini wearing a painted-on horse mask and traditional Chinese celebratory clothing.

The special edition mini is set to launch online tomorrow, and will go on sale on the Dead Zebra’s official website on Jan. 28 at 11am EST. It will be sold in limited numbers and these things sell off fast so in case you’re thinking of buying the perfect present for you geeky friend, look no more!