Android comes ‘Home’ with MIPS Technologies’ World’s First Android Set-top Box

In my opinion the Android OS has got to be one of the most versatile systems out there and the best part is it’s Open Source. MIPS technologies, world’s second largest processor IP company has very successfully managed to port the Android Operating System to multimedia set-top boxes for your home. Of course they didn’t do this alone and had plenty of help from various complementary solution providers. They’re all aimed at one thing right now and that is to making Android a viable platform for digital home devices such as Blu-ray Disc players, DTVs, VoIP solutions and of course the set-top box.

These companies together with MIPS are planning on demoing this new technology at CES and will also showcase a netbook running on the Android platform as well as world’s first social media center for Android-based embedded platforms and other key technologies. The idea is to optimize the platform for the best possible in-home usage as the mobile market is pretty much covered. The companies have managed to offer a full HD experience to Android and also delivered multi-channel audio and enhanced user interfaces required for digital home devices, so we can expect to see a whole lot of Android oriented devices not just in the palm of our hands but possibly all over our homes as well. Here Android, here boy, time to come home!