Android Makes Coffee and Chooses Your Tunes

If you are too sleepy to be thinking about the differences between beans and beats in the morning, then look no further. The team at the Metatrend Institute have got together to come up with the perfect gadget for those who like a little caffeine boost accompanied by a little music to nurse them into reality in the morning. On plugging your mobile into the top of this coffee machine, the “Appresso”, an android docking appliance, communicates with the phone to discover what kind of roast you would like to drink and what kind of tunes you would like to tickle your ears at that specific moment. It then charges your phone whilst selecting and making a coffee to suit your mood, and will even let you download the tune stored as a code on top of the coffee capsule. This is really cornering a niche market, right?

Pricing and availability of the “Appresso” is yet to be confirmed.