Anti-terror guns to stop the threat from boats

A team of Home Office scientists and industry experts are developing a device that aims to achieve what some consider to be the near impossible. Stopping a speed boat that could be loaded with explosives from reaching its target but without the use of lethal weapons or force. The device which is known as the Air Launch Running Gear Entanglement System looks very futuristic, I probably they got this design from some sci-fiction movies. Compressed air is used on the shoulder-held device to propel a line from a pursuing boat which drags with it a high-tech, high tensile net to disable the target craft’s propulsion system. The US Coastguard has already shown a very keen interest in it. Of course why wouldn’t they be interested? The device is being tested at five locations around the UK while a decision is made over its future deployment. It extends from cyber terrorism to reducing risk in crowded places and investigating how to intercept new methods of telecommunications. This technology is definitely one step ahead of terrorists unless they have already designed one for themselves!