Apple’s Hong Kong store pre-opens and stuns fan boys

Apple surprised their Hong Kong fan boys by unveiling its store earlier than the announced September 24 opening. The folk at 9to5 had their hands on the inside images which showed that this was company’s most elaborate arrangements to date. The outside and top inside of the store were plated in glass with the steel occupying just the bottoms. The second floor was mostly bisected by the signature glass spiral staircase and the elevator.

The store is seated at the IFC centre and even though it isn’t the biggest Apple store, it still is one of most expensive properties run by the company. Owing to the revenue South East Asia brings for Apple, the company has tried to reach the heart of their fanboys by giving a real treat to their senses through the elaborate arrangements. I’d say this opening seems timely as the tech town is getting more anxious about the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S release.