Asus unveils Taichi notebook with two independent display screens!

Asus’ latest unveiling has left us jaw-dropped to say the least. Christened the Taichi, this notebook sports two Super IPS+ LCD panels, one for conventional use, and the other on the lid! While the inner display measures in at 13.3 inches, the outer display measures 11.6 inches, and both of these can be run simultaneously, for better back-to-back content sharing. Sporting a 3rd Gen Core i7 processor, the Taichi also sports two cameras, back and front, while both the displays support full HD 1080p resolutions and are in essence Super IPS + LCD panels!. That’s not all. The outer panel includes touchscreen capabilities, making it pretty much tablet-like when the screen-flap’s closed while both the screens can be run independently, and each using their own Windows 8 interfaces!


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