Audi introduces augmented-reality iPhone app that work’s as a car user manual!

User manuals? Phoeey! No one needs those, right? Wrong! While most of us toss the user manuals of the products we buy in the to-read bin, never to glance at them again, German luxury car manufacturer Audi thinks it’s important for users to look through these booklets to better understand the products they buy and use. So, to keep its customers from ignoring the Audi A3 model’s user manual, the company has come up with an interesting way to keep drivers well-informed about their car. The automaker teamed up with app-developer Metaio to come up with an iPhone augmented reality application that works as a user manual.

All you need to do is point your iPhone at the car part you need more information about and your phone gives you all you need to know! This augmented reality iOS application is capable of recognizing over 300 individual elements of the car and also provides substantial information about the A3’s engine components. As always, Audi never fails to amaze with its technological genius!

[Via – Intomobile]