Baby Grand Master Piano packs in a heavy punch

The Baby Grand Master is surely not the least of a baby. Thanks to the dual Pioneer DVJ-X1 DVD Players and a trio of Marshal LCD monitors, the so called Baby delivers some pretty high quality output and also has an Edirol V-4 video mixer for great visual experiences. To heighten the sound output class, we have twin 15-inch subwoofers, an 18-incher low frequency sound handler (is this bass?), a 12-inch subwoofer strictly for bragging rights, three Bullet tweeters and an AB 1,100-watt amplifier. In order to refine the sound quality, we have an Allen and Heath Xone 92 audio mixer. To add to the exotic stock specs, you can also customize your ‘ride’ with hydraulic legs and lid, neon accents, personalized paint jobs, and fog / laser adornments. The price will, of course, sky rocket accordingly.

The Baby Grand Master is a pleasure to own but surely, priceless. In fact, to get to know how much your very own customized Grand Master costs, you have to be rich and secondly have some contact with the manager.

One response to “Baby Grand Master Piano packs in a heavy punch”

  1. WOW! amazing peice of kit. i’m a fluent player of the piano so this is looking beautifull to me! as well as producing a DJ’ing this would look amazing on stage! shame i havent got Grands (badum tish!)lots of respect going your way!
    Much Love,