This BB-8 unit warns you when your refrigerator door is left ajar

Life is hard. Keeping track of things in this over-complicated life is event harder. Which is why, leaving the door of a refrigerator ajar while stuffing our faces with the delicious éclair we just fetched is nothing too serious. But then again, think about how it’s going to consume more power and how it will affect the temperature within the refrigerator. That’s when you opt for those annoying alarms that go off each time the door is ajar. This BB-8 unit is a smaller version of the original high-roller from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie and does just that but in a less-annoying, cuter manner. Placed on a pedestal, this little beeper ensures that your absent-mindedness doesn’t leave the fridge door ajar and also keeps reminding you about how important Star Wars is to your existence and sanity.

What can really stir excitement for a fraction of a second is how this little fellow’s eyes light up bright red when he discovers an open door. His head turns too. Truly adorable, isn’t it?



[ Available at : Strapya ]