Beat the summers with Thanko’s USB Cooling Necktie 2!

Oh how we dread the days when we have to step out into the scorching sun with the coat over your shoulders and the tie that your lady fixed up so immaculately. The coat can be temporarily taken off, till you’re in the safe confines of an air conditioned room but your necktie remains and how! No one can tie it better than her! So, you get the USB Cooling Necktie 2 and never make these bad, bad situations occur. Connect it to your laptop’s USB and cool yourself wherever you are. When in office it connects to your desk PC, keeping you cool as a cat. 05.jpg

The tie’s controls are all available at-hand, on the fold. There are controls for on and off as well as for fan speed control. This is the second rendition of the original and costs $95.