Behold, the world’s fastest 4GB DDR3 RAM

OCZ have brought forth what is clearly the world’s fasted 4GB DDR3 RAM sticks. Matched with 2133MHz processing speed and CL 10- 10- 10- 30 timing, these new models are available in 4GB, 8GB Dual Channel and 12 GB variants. They are so awful fast that they come with a liquid cooling system to expel the heat from all the crazy work that they’re meant for. They come in three RAM lines namely, the Platinum (entry level/value), the Reaper HPC (high-end/performance) and the Flex EX (experienced over-clockers).

The good news is that they have been tested successfully on both AMD and Intel platforms. Since they have a thin form factor, they can be set by a side-by-side config so as to increase the RAM capabilities of your motherboard.