Belkin introduces @TV Plus set-top box with wireless connectivity

Streaming movies from your home television right onto your smartphone, tablet or laptop is now easier with Belkin’s latest, @TV Plus. Priced at $149, this set-top box hooks on to other devices using a WiFi network or a 3G/4G cellular connection and is designed similarly like EchoStar’s Slingbox. Capable of streaming standard and high-definition programming, the @TV Plus connects to multiple sources including a digital cable box, satellite receiver, or DVD player and works with a @TV mobile application, made available on both iOS as well as Android devices. To be made available beginning the 15th of July onwards, the Belkin @TV Plus also packs an easy-to-use Channel Guide and swipe surf for easy scrolling.


One response to “Belkin introduces @TV Plus set-top box with wireless connectivity”

  1. Right now, I can already watch live TV and my DVR recordings on my mobile device except I use a Sling Adapter. Not only does it cost a lot less, but I also don’t have to worry about extra monthly fees. I got one of my own after I saw someone in the break room at Dish where I work watching live TV on an iPad. I was happy to find that the free Dish Remote Access app was also available for Android, and since then it’s worked well and has kept me entertained while I’m away from home. @TV Plus’ swipe surf may be cool, but I think I’ll stay with my Sling Adapter until I read some reviews on Belkin’s new device.