What are the Benefits of Microsoft Exchange?

To help businesses thrive in today’s technological landscape, Microsoft offers the Microsoft Exchange Server application. This program’s functions consist of Email, Calendars, Contacts and Tasks – all well-known features of Microsoft Outlook. It’s basically an online storage space for emails, notes, tasks, calendars and contacts, that can be accessed through an internet connection. Businesses can benefit from Exchange as they move their processes to the cloud and adapt the use of multi-device systems.

There are a number of benefits to using Exchange. Aside from being compatible with both Mac and Windows, Microsoft Exchange is able to:

1.Store all essential data and contacts in one place
With Microsoft Exchange, all essential emails can be stored in either their priority mailbox or relevant archives. With large mailboxes, users don’t need to delete messages to be able to receive emails. Retaining data is flexible. You needn’t worry about losing performance when archiving or storing large amounts of data.

Users can also bring in all their contacts across various networks into Microsoft Exchange for easy correspondence. It also has the capabilities to find the same person among the different network profiles, and consolidate their information in one place, avoiding duplication. This negates the issue of having multiple contact cards with different information.

2. Protect sensitive information
This software actively works to protect against email threats. It utilises multi-layered anti-spam filtering and built-in defences to ensure that communications within your company are secured. Exchange also has anti-malware engines to keep malicious viruses at bay.

Aside from protecting against outside threats, Exchange can also preserve your data with its Data Loss Prevention capabilities. Its DLP policies are based on standards such as PII, PCI, and alike. There are also reminders that present themselves when sensitive data is about to be transmitted.

3. Be customized for optimal performance
Microsoft also enables clients to use other applications with Exchange to provide all around optimization. Instead of switching between apps, you can seamlessly integrate Exchange with other programs that can improve user experience. Mimecast’s secure email exchange, for example, can be used with Exchange to maximize performance and give your business added productivity. Combining Exchange with other programs can exponentially increase its efficiency and your business’s capabilities.

4. Control the whole system in one interface
Exchange makes use of an Administration Centre where all of the program’s capabilities can be controlled in one user interface, which can also be accessed remotely. Role-defined access can also be configured to improve management while still maintaining full control of the system. This allows your support staff or helpdesk to perform tasks without needing full-blown admin permissions.

Microsoft Exchange empowers businesses with the help of known programs, like Outlook, to better manage and control communications. You will be able to store large amounts of information, protect sensitive data, customize Exchange to suit your needs, and control the system in one interface. Exchange is able to seamlessly adapt to any network and provide your business with multi-device and cloud integration.

Image courtesy of digitalart / Freedigitalphotos.net