Beware! Even smart toilets are prone to hack attack

Ohh shoot! If hacking computers, smartphones and even smart TVs weren’t enough, it’s now possible to even hack a commode. But don’t sweat just yet, if your commode ain’t smart you can be at peace in your loo doing business as usual. Japan’s obsession of making everything smart has driven them to put a computer into everything, even into toilet seats. Satis, Japan’s largest sanitary ware manufacturer, make toilets that can be controlled and operated using a smartphone app. Now, this attempt to bring innovation into crappers has its own disadvantages. Trustwave Holdings, which provides security solutions, has issued advisory against these toilets.

According to Trustwave, every Satis toilet has the same hard-coded Bluetooth PIN, which means any person using the ‘My Satis’ [Android] application can control any Satis toilet. It doesn’t mean that NSA’s snooping activities will extended to toilets, but anyone with the intention of playing a prank or doing some mischief can remotely flush the toilet or push the seat down or up. Crappers don’t need brain, do they? We should really keep a few things away from smart technology and let them be the way they are.

[Via – Slashdot]