Big Blue Media Tower connects wirelessly to stream your music with ease

Wires are a modern-day nemesis. These coiling contraptions that carry data and electricity around can turn just any living space into a nightmare. Behold the clutter-free to streaming music from just about any device! Called the Big Blue Media Tower, this 38 inch tall vertical sound bar hooks on wirelessly to devices, enabling you to stream music without having to physically plug-in your media players.

Using Bluetooth t hat enables users to connect the Big Blue Media Tower to smartphones, laptops and tablets, the speaker can also be connected to TVs and stereos using RCA inputs. Sporting two 20-watt full-range stereo speakers with 1.5-inch tweeters and 3-inch mid-range drivers, this system also includes a 30-watt subwoofer and is priced at $399.99 a pop.