Blub Uno USB Desk Clock lights up 1950’s cathode tubes

blub-uno-nixie-tube-clock-1When you say retro we thing everything pre-1970s, which pretty much puts this new toy in our line of classics. Called the Blub Uno USB Desk Clock, this cool contraption leverages the beauty of classic cathode tubes to create a neat luminous pseudo-digital display. The brilliantly retro Nixie tube is house on a solid aluminum platform. It is sturdy, goodlooking and quite a handful to read the time as it displays one number at a time. So, if it is 11:15 am, it would display 1, 1, 1 and 5 in a sequential manner. The modern element in this vintage tribute is the remote controlled sound selection menu. This, clubbed with the adjustable time and date settings and temperature setting can be a perfect tabletop accessory. Other features include a multi-hued backlight, USB and wall plug outlet.

For those who are too picky about the lighting effects, the Blub Uno clock also offers three display modes, namely, direct, fade and crossfade. These can be set via the remote control. The device is up on Kickstarter and has already doubled its goal.