BMW Electric Cars could be soon charged by Streetlights

bmw-electric-car-charging-1BMW has found a one of its kind solution to charge its electric cars. The electric cars by BMW can now be charged by the “Light and Charge” streetlights! The streetlights for charging electric cars by BMW will now have efficient LEDs along with BMW’s ChargeNow charging station. The best thing about the “Light and Charge” charging station will be that any model of the electric car could be charged by the streetlights. Another cool feature will be the App that will come with it, you will have to just get up once to plug the charger, and other things will be taken care of with the App. The App will send alerts to your smartphone once your vehicle is fully charged.

bmw-electric-car-charging-2Two prototypes of the streetlight have already been installed in the front of the Munich office (the headquarter of BMW). If the prototypes meet with success, then we might see an increase in the number of the ChargeNow charging stations wherever there are streetlights and strong cell phone signals. Electric cars have not been mainly popular because of their low battery life, less number of charging stations worldwide and also the amount of time it takes for a full charge. The leading makers of electric cars Tesla was also approached by BMW to discuss the availability of recharging stations for electric cars.