Bomb Defuse Simulator 2013 is one neat ‘10 second’ game

No, it’s not a part of SWAT’s training module, as the name might suggest, but a 10 second game developed by two members from an independent gaming studio named SassyBot. Elwin and Tino took just 72-hours to come up with the bomb defuse simulator 2013 game at the Ludum Dare Jam 27 (game jam). These game jams have strict time limits and ’10 seconds’ was the theme to code a game. It uses 3D projection mapping and head tracking to create the game in physical space. The player has to step into the game surface to play.

The concept behind the game is – the player has to defuse a bomb with a 10 second timer by cutting the right wire before time. The game is projected on two boxes using an Optoma EX532 projector. A Kinect is placed at a specific place that tracks only the head of the player. The player starts from a predefined spot with an Xbox controller which controls a scissor needed to the cut the right wire leading to the bomb. Wrong choice triggers an explosion.

The game isn’t very efficient but it shows the potential of videogame mapping mixed with head tracking technology. A lot of amazing stuff can be built using it. Check out the video posted by the duo explaining their creation.
[Via – Gamasutra]