Brighton’s Harrington hotel plays home to LEGO-made Victorian-style chandelier

Looking for the perfect lighting solution for your room that reeks of toys, nerdiness and all the possible geek-obsessions you’d find on eBay? Well, this chandelier is bound to light up your world. Made from LEGO blocks, the building blocks we spent the better hours of our childhood chasing architectural dreams with, this chandelier rests at the Harrington hotel. A hotel with just a single room, for the utmost privacy you’d receive in a place away from home, the Harrington hotel in Brighton allows guests to discretely check in and out. The beautiful chandelier from LEGO pieces was designed by John Harrington himself rests in the main room and reeks of Victorian influences. A perfect inspiration for a lighting solution in your bedroom, we suggest you set about building one of these soon, if you ever wish to finish before Christmas that is!