Bubble bath for dogs does not use shampoo

Micro bubbles produced by micro bubble generator Wan Love for dogs reach the skin and hair roots of a dog and clean it without use of shampoo. The micro bubble generator from IDEC Corp, Japan is externally attached to the dog bath, by applying the company’s micro bubble generation technology GALFor. It can stably produce bubbles whose diameter is 20μm on average and density is 600,000 bubbles/cm3. .The GALF is a technology to continuously and stably generate micro bubbles without using a compressor. The surfaces of the micro bubbles generated by the GALF are negatively charged, so they attach to positively-charged and neutral organic substances in a liquid, dissolving dirt and grease. In addition, bursting bubbles clean the surfaces of objects.

IDEC Corp developed a technology to keep air dissolved in hot water before the water is ejected from the shower head and to generate micro bubbles in the ejected water. As a result, the generator provides not only a massage effect by the water stream but also a cleaning effect by the micro bubbles. The generator can be used just by putting a hose into a bathtub without any piping work. Also, with no air adjustment valve, it can be easily controlled by using switches. IDEC Corp will release micro bubble generator Wan Love Yu for a dog bath in Japan on June 20, 2008.