Build your own life-size Legoland with LunaBlocks, sleep, sit and eat on giant Lego blocks

Being a Lego fan from way back when I used to shove them into my mouth thinking they were candy, I love hearing about Lego art and the fun stuff people do with their ‘bricks’. Thierry Nahon and Philippe Landecker of Lunatic Construction have taken Lego bricks to a whole new level, a much larger level. With giant Lego blocks they’ve dubbed LunaBlocks, these designers have exactly what I’ve been looking for. They’ve actually got Lego life-size furniture that you can build yourself. Like you would for your Lego-sized guys, you can now ‘up’ scale it for yourself with LunaBlocks. The blocks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They even have blocks made of durable polypropylene meant for kids called LunaSoft and another range called LunaLight for pillows. The most hardcore segment is called LunaMetal cast in steel.

Homology is the website that the blocks are available from. They’re available in a price range between $20 to $55, per brick. That may be a bit steep but for hardcore Lego fans, this is the next best thing to owning Legoland.