Casio announces new EXILIM EX-ZR15 Compact Digital Camera with More Advanced Shooting Functions

Casio today announced the release of the EX-ZR15, the latest addition to the EXILIM lineup of digital cameras. Casio EX-ZR15 is equipped with an array of shooting functions that set it apart from conventional compact digital cameras, including super-wide-angle shooting and a background blur function that makes the most of Casio’s original high-speed technologies. The new EX-ZR15 compact digital camera significantly improves on the operability and functionality of the predecessor EX-ZR10. The new model boasts a start-up time of 0.99 seconds, 0.13-second high-speed auto focus, and time between photos as short as 0.29 seconds. The EX-ZR15 allows users to experience the pleasure of continuous shooting so no important moments are missed, even when using shooting HDR and HS night scene modes.

While the Casio EX-ZR15 is a very compact digital camera, it is loaded with an array of powerful functions that make picture-taking even more fun, including a background blur effect that accentuates the subject and softens the background, and the new Wide Shot function that lets users create impressive super-wide-angle shots by panning the camera (equivalent to 17-mm wide-angle when converted to 35mm film format). Furthermore, the EX-ZR15 is equipped with a more advanced HDR-ART function that can create artistic images. The improved function now enables users to produce dramatic movies from everyday scenes.