Cervélo’s P5 bike is most aerodynamic Triathlon bicycle ever created

It’s the cycle that matters the most for a cyclist when it comes to finishing the race or finishing with a medal. Thus, for the sake of triathlon or cycling buffs Cervélo has designed the most aerodynamic time trial bike in the P5 bike. Cervélo’s P5 bike with its curvaceous frame slips through the air with minimum force thus producing lesser drag allowing the rider that extra advantage on two wheels. The bike’s frame is ideally made to hide all the cables while the brakes have been optimized to make the bike lighter and more aerodynamic.

Costing about $6000, the Cervélo P5 bike’s aerobar has been finely integrated into the frame and the storage areas for water bottle and snacks have also been streamlined to make the bike sleeker to negotiate airflow conditions and save the rider about 30-seconds in a 25-mile time trial.