Chinese mobile phone shop is accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 5, really!

Chinese have made Apple suffer on more occasions than one, then be it with the knock-off of the White iPhone 4 or the news of accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 5. Yes, you heard that right, per-orders for iPhone 5! While we in the West wait to get our hands on the iPhone 5, according to a mobile phone shop in China has a large hording of the iPhone 5 on the front of the store and is accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 5, well before Apple that is still deciding on what features to include in its proprietary iPhone 5.

The iPhone shaped product seen in the poster has a camera in the center, which is new to the iPhone, but according to Chinese Internet users, the product is not the iPhone but an iPod Touch, who should I believe, I’m confused? Nonetheless, if you have fallen for the aggressive marketing and wish to be the first to own the iPhone 5, then you should be packing your bags to fly to China.

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