CJ group to bring 4D technology to 200 US theaters, gear up for fun

3D hasn’t taken off that well as we would have liked, so we are already waiting anxiously for 4D to spice up our lives. If you’re desperate for that extra dose of splendor in theaters, then your wait may just be cut short. CJ Group a company in Korea plans to bring 4D to about 200 movie theaters in the United States. After successful results in the Asian and Mexican markets, CJ Group wants to grip the American audiences with those fragrances of onscreen happenings and jolt them up on every action sequence with the moving seats. 4D promises to bring an experience like never felt before to the homes and theaters but at a cost.

It’ll cost about 2million to deck up a 4D theater with exhibitors covering half the cost. According to CJ Group that operates Asia’s largest theater chain says the 4D theaters won’t be like theme park rides but will be equipped with gear to offer viewers a richer movie viewing experience. I just hope 4D can get us out of our couches to visit cinemas yet again.