Could the Sony PSP2 be heading for a downfall even before it launches?

Back in October confirmations on Sony’s next Gen PSP the PSP2 were all the rage. The portable gaming community seemed eager to see what new developments Sony would bring to the table. But while some Sony fans are seating it out in anticipation there are others who believe that the PSP2 is going to have serious issues in sales thanks to Apple’s iOS. Let’s be honest here, while we’ve all probably enjoyed years of portable gaming on our trusty PSPs, when the iPhone came along and subsequently the larger iPad, toting iOS, the community’s attention had a major shift. One analyst at Wedbush Morgan Securities even thinks that the PSP2 will be Dead on Arrival. He’s even skeptical about the 3DS doing too well in the long run. But what about the upcoming PSP Phone? Will that change things for Sony? Well your truly is still a fan of the good old PSP and is hoping Sony’s got the kids gloves off this time around, iOS could be going down. What do you think?