Crazy, Crazy, Crazy, Bullet Proof Baby Stroller

pram_1.jpgOn the face of it let me admit that it sounds really cool, looks impressive and sounds like what Super Heroes like Batman and Superman grew up in (seen in the movie Shoot ’em Up). But if you ask me, unless I was shifting base to Iraq, I wouldn’t subject my baby to this stroller. Imagine putting a live baby in this bullet proof contraption and that too for a demo! The video kind of loses its credibility too. Not only does it gives you the creeps fathoming an experiment gone awry, but also wonder what kind of weirdos would do this to a baby! Incase you are still interested you can check out the details after the jump. BTW it comes with a rainproof cover as well; so considerate!
(Video after the jump, they have done the testing with a live baby and live rounds)

Interestingly the Bullet Proof Baby Stroller comes with a two-year guarantee, I wonder what will happen to the baby should a malfunction happens after that. The stroller costs $599. The features of the stroller are:
– Front swivel wheels.
– Shopping basket. Keep your baby and your groceries safe.
– Adjustable leg rest. The stroller grows with your baby.
– Suitable from Birth.
– Soft seat fabric.
– Waterproof lined, detachable hood.
– Multi lie-back position (does not lie flat).
– Plastic grip handles
– Lightweight, umbrella fold stroller.
– The seat is fitted with a 5-point harness to ensure the safety and security of your child.
– Linked brakes for safety.
– Comes complete with instructions.
– Weighs 15lb.

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