Customizable 3D printed Star Trek and Star Wars figurines for sale!

Yes, 3D printing is now main-stream enough to use the technology to use roll out sci-fi merchandise! If you’ve been desperately looking for a figurine, reminiscent of you, clothed in gear from the Star Wars of Star Trek franchisees, check out these spectacular offerings we’ve recently stumbled across in our search for all that’s cool and geeky! The Disney Empire has on sale tiny Stormtrooper figurines with customizable faces. All you need to do is head down to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, have your face scanned and pay about $100. Wait patiently for a few weeks and you’ll soon have a 3D Stormtrooper figurine with your face on a shelf in your home!

And if the Star Wars Stormtroopers aren’t your thing, hook up with Cubify and order the Star Trek figurines that are a little more customizable. Buyers can select genders, poses, ranks and shirt colors for their Space Explorer figurines. Simply send in reference photos and pay $70 for one of these! The 3D printed figurines from the Star Wars and Star Trek series also make for great gifts for your sci-fi loving pal.


[Via – Technabob]