DIY Kinect-based robot garbage can catches all your airborne trash

Do you like it the sci-fi way at home? Do you have the Roomba cleaning your floor and a robot doing you dishes, well then this robotic dustbin is just perfect for you. Created by FRP this is some robot garbage can that moves autonomously to catch any kind of airborne trash. Made entirely from scratch, the robot can is based on a three wheel platform integrated with circuits (wheeled around using a PS controller) that’s attached to the bottom of a regular garbage can. By using a Kinect camera to monitor the room FRP with his custom-made software is able to get the Kinect camera to control the garbage can. Throw a piece of wrapped paper, beer cans, balls and stuffed toys etc and the robotic can is there to gulp it down its throat well before it hits the ground.

The video below shows the entire process of how the robot garbage can works and how it is made. If you know Japanese, then you could surely build one for you summer internship or to clean up your mess at home, as you may like it.