DJI’s Phantom 4 drone avoids obstacles, stalks people and does 45 mph!

Remember those RC toy cars that would stop just short of an obstacle and change direction? Well, I wonder why this hasn’t been a norm in the design of drones. The Phantom 4 drone from DJI seems to have incorporated a technology that ensures the drone and the objects in its surroundings aren’t affected by a possible collision. Building further from the successful Phantom 3 variant, DJI has made this version a lot more intelligent and capable. In addition to the obstacle dodging capabilities it also offers a new camera lens that enables sharper quality around the edges of captured pictures. The Obstacle Sensing System can keep collisions at bay. The drone can successfully sense obstacles up to 50 feet away and 30 feet below. A cool ActiveTrack feature helps you monitor a subject by following it around. Yet another addition is the Sports Mode that sends the drone speeding at 45 mph with a range of over 5 kilometers.

The all new unibody makes the Phantom 4 look pretty rad too. It is expected to ship by 15th March and costs a few cents short of $1,400.

[ VIa : Pocket-Lint ]