Does Your Flight Have WiFi? Check out HasWiFi

In the past, you may have blamed not being able to work on the fact that your flight didn’t have Wi-Fi, but things are set to change with the advent of This site searches a database of aircraft carriers, planes and flights, and tries to find you an option that means no more slacking on the work front as you take to the skies. At present, HasWifi has a limited database of six U.S. carriers, so you are still pretty safe to snooze or check out the in-flight entertainment, but they are hoping to expand their info soon. Founder Anthony Petito also hopes that in future, HasWiFi will also be linked to sites like Expedia, so customers will be able to search for the cheapest, most convenient and ‘connected’ flight options.

To help HasWiFi build their database, you can play a part. Click on their website, access the “You Tell Us” feature and let them know whether you were able to access the internet on a recent flight.