Indian smartphone maker announces the world’s first Dual OS Android/Windows smartphone

karbonn-logoAre you planning to buy a smartphone but don’t know which operating system to go for? Finally we will have a smartphone which will come with dual operating system running both Windows and Android. A smartphone manufacturer from India named ‘Karbonn Mobiles’ has announced that they have signed a license agreement with Microsoft which allows it to manufacture Windows Phone devices, and by June this year they will launch the first smartphone with Windows and Android OS running together in the same platform. Quite a few tablet manufacturers including Asus have tried this trick on slates but it will be a first for any smartphone maker.

Microsoft recently eased the eased its licensing regulations and opened up the Windows Phone platform to more players which might be a prudent move to make the operating system more popular and widely available. With the dual OS smartphone, Karbonn will target the buyers looking for some of the nifty features of Microsoft and its more stable platform, and still enjoy the plethora of Android apps. It will be interesting to see how the device works and if the hybrid phone finds buyers.