E-Volo VC200 Electric Helicopter can land safely even after failures

The next most astonishing and revolutionary helicopter is here. It goes by the name of E-Volo VC200 Electric Helicopter or more lovingly, ‘Volocopter’. This pretty cool 2-seater helicopter can touch heights of up to 6500 feet meters and cover distances of up to 100 km. It offers 18 rotor blades and can be disassembled when needed. What’s really impressive is that the it comes with an automated control system that doesn’t require the pilot to worry about flight conditions. The on-board computers and in-tech sensors help control the Volocopter with ease. The main control resides on an intelligent mesh network where all the controls reside. Even case of emergencies and failures the aircraft can land safely. The construction of the Volocoptor brings together six rotor arms with three drives, which are supplied from different energy sources. 20 independent computers power each of these.

The E-Volo VC200 prototype has 18 drives, which are supplied by six central battery blocks, packing a reserve capacity of 50%. Thus, even in case a pair of battery blocks give up on you, you can be assured to land safely.







[Via – Beautiful-Life]