EIZO Unveils DuraVision FDX1004T: A Rugged 10.4-inch Touchscreen Monitor for Industrial Use

EIZO has introduced its latest offering for industrial environments: the DuraVision FDX1004T, a 10.4-inch monitor with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. This new model features an analog resistive touch panel that can register touch input from both gloved and bare hands, as well as styluses. The touch surface is designed to resist dust, water droplets, and other foreign objects, making it ideal for a variety of settings such as factories, control rooms, hospitals, public transportation facilities, and public access areas.

The DuraVision FDX1004T is the successor to the FDX1003T. One notable improvement is the updated input connections, which now include modern DisplayPort and HDMI inputs alongside the traditional D-Sub 15 pin analog input, allowing for easy connection to a PC. The monitor’s wide brightness range, from 0.4 to 390 cd/m2, ensures optimal viewing in various lighting conditions, whether bright or dim.

To accommodate different installation requirements, the monitor is available in both desktop (with stand) and VESA mount configurations. Its durable design enables it to withstand temperatures ranging from 0 to 50°C. Moreover, the housing is designed without ventilation holes, making it resistant to liquids and dust. Built for 24-hour use, the monitor is backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring long-term reliability.

Installation flexibility is another key feature of the DuraVision FDX1004T. It can be installed in the standard upright position or rotated by 180° for inverted installation. The image display can also be rotated by 180° to match the orientation of the monitor, a function that can be accessed via the monitor’s front buttons.