ELPA offers water-proof, crime-proof buzzers for the paranoid

It’s good to stay well clear of all that is dangerously vulnerable and when you cannot live without it, you can get yourself a stylish security accessory to top it up. This company decided to roll out something that offers an LED signal and a buzzer-activated thingy that’s actually supposed to protect you. Well, it may hold true for the meek of heart and the shy kinds. But when it comes to boisterous, well-armed women, the ELPA crime prevention buzzer may hold useless. Yet, the Japanese always have a secret catch to the many awesome devices they’ve rolled out. Do share your view if you’ve managed to figure out how this one can beat screaming and running away.

It is available in various, colorful versions. The LED-decked AKB-204 F Series offers 6 hours of light and 120 minutes of alarm blowing. Also adding to the line is the AKB-203 G Series that adds water-proofing to your protector. For the real-chick kinds is the AKB-202 C Series that is all style and bringing up the rear is the simple AKB-201 S Series.