Epson introduces Endeavor MR4100 desktop system

04.jpgEpson are rolling out some powerful machines that boast the brilliance of the much-acclaimed, and very much in, Sandy Bridge processors from Intel. The sleek-looking systems offer you a choice of up to four processors which include, Intel Core i3-2100, i5-2400, i5-2500 and i7-2600. Get RAM options from 2GB, scaled up to 16GB, a pair of video cards to make everything else seem insignificant, with a choice of either Nvidia GeForce GT430 or ATI FirePro 2450. You can also make a choice of HDD for storage or a SSD. Then to sum it all off and leave you like an extremely rich kid, spoilt for choice (which you eventually have to be to own this), you get a DVD Super Multi and Blu-Ray drive option.

As far as looks are concerned the Endeavor MR4100 is a good looker. We’re still fishing for the prices.