Evapolar is the world’s first personal air conditioner

first personal air conditioner
Everyone’s got an opinion about the temperature settings of the air conditioner in the room. So, why not have individual air conditioners for everyone, we ask. That’s where the Evapolar concept works like a charm. Eco-friendly and energy efficient, the evaporative climate technology employed by the system helps you fit comfortably into the snug comforts of your living space. It simply leverages water evaporation that is already employed by a number of coolers in the market. This method of cooling is ancient and effective. In addition to cooling the air, Evapolar can also humidify and purify air. To enable the evaporative cooling technology in a small body, the developers used a special evaporative nanomaterial that was pioneered as a part of Russian military technology.

Thanks to it being eco-friendly, the Evapolar cooler proves to be twelve times more energy efficient than regular split air conditioners. The first batch of Evapolars retail at $179 a pop and $289 for a Double Pack.

personal AC

personal AC 3

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