Ford shows Active Park and MyKey at 2009 New York auto show

Ford finally showed its two developing technologies, the Active Park and MyKey at 2009 New York auto show. MyKey has been covered extensively before, so well talk more about Fords new Active Park for now. The system works by pressing the park button in the center console; as you drive past a line of parked cars the system uses a long range ultrasonic sensor to measure empty spaces and decide if the car will fit. When it has found a suitable space the driver information center dings to let you know it has one. It then directs you to pull forward until it’s happy with the car’s position, and then directs you to stop and shift into reverse.

At this point it’s an entirely hands-off affair – press the gas and the car turns the steering wheel itself, providing seamless, parking-professional-level steering. The backup sensors pick up the proximity of the car behind and you brake to a stop, shift into drive and the car tuck you into the spot.
Via [CNet]