Fujitsu delivers new supercomputer system to JMA to improve prediction accuracy for typhoons and torrential rain

Fujitsu today announced the delivery of a new supercomputer system to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) to improve prediction accuracy for typhoons and torrential rains and help authorities develop data-driven plans to provide early warning and evacuation for residents during natural disasters. The JMA will start operations of the new supercomputer system on March 5, 2024.

Together with a supercomputer system for use in linear rainband forecasting Fujitsu provided to the JMA in March 2023, the new system will increase the computing power to about four times that of the previous supercomputer and contribute to the agency’s ability to more accurately predict various phenomena.

To promote the utilization of meteorological data by private companies and research institutions, Fujitsu has also created a dedicated environment for sharing meteorological information and data as part of this system, making it possible to leverage large amounts of meteorological data that could not be provided by the previous system.