Fujitsu eBook Kindle with color screen

Yes folks! You have read it right. Fujitsu have topped the Kindle with a new eBook having a color screen. Fujitsu uses its own FLEPia technology to show books, newspaper and magazines on its massive screen. The screen is similar to the e-ink panels of the Kindle 2 and the Sony Reader which will not hurt your eyes too, the only difference being it’s in color.

Fujitsu eBook has a touch screen which makes the keyboard irrelevant and has added features like wi-fi, USB 2.0, built-in SD card connectivity and stereo speakers. The entire unit can run approximately 50 hours after a single charge. Unfortunately this device is being tested for the time being in one restaurant in Tokyo and even if it does become commercial, prepare to shelve out $900. In short, for the time being the Kindle 2 is absolutely a steal at $360.