Color Cables seek crowdfunding for glow-in-the-dark Apple data sync cables

glowing-cable-1Unlike their devices, the data sync cables that come along with Apple device are plain boring, and even if you pick a funky looking alternative in the form of colored third-party cables they snap off faster than the cheapest Chinese knockoffs. So, are there any other options? Yes, there is; two ardent Apple fans have come together to create ‘Color Cables’. To give wing to their idea, they have created a find raising campaign on crowd-sourcing platform Indiegogo. Their target is to raise $20,000 out of which they have managed a get fifteen percent of the funding with 24 days remaining. The Color Cables are not restricted to only Apple connectors and also have MicroUSB in addition to 30-pin dock and Lightning connectors. They’ll come in seven different snazzy colors and are tangle proof because of its flat noodle strap design.

But the markets are already flooded with colored data sync cables and how are the Color Cables any different? According to the promo video, they went into the finer details of the construction of data cables to make their cables the toughest there is on offer. They reinforced their cables from tail to tip and gave it a soft gummy texture to make it long lasting. And last but not the least; the Color Cables are glow-in-the-dark. If you wish to help them start with the production, head to the Indiegogo link where the funding options start at US$11 that will get you a cable 3-feet 30-pin and Micro USB and $14 for 3-feet Lightning connector.