Google brings Android to wearable devices by launching Android Wear

moto-360We all know that technology companies are betting big on wearable technology but Google has set some big plans getting into the smartwatch segment. As per previous rumors and leaked information, the company is all set to extend its Android platform to more wearable devices than just Google Glass. Google today announced the Android Wear OS on its official blog which focuses on notifications and quick responses to show information as requested while keeping interaction to a minimum. The bespoke OS tailor made for wearable devices has a simplified UI rather than adding phonelike features. Looking at the promotional video launched by Google, the search giant’s virtual-assistant software Google Now will play an important part in the mix serving information on weather, flight times, incoming packages and upcoming reservations easily with the help of simple voice commands.

One of the most crucial features of the Android Wear is the always listening option similar to the one found on Moto X smartphone. By just saying ‘OK Google’, the operating system can pull up almost any information. But there’s more than just Google Now and other proprietary apps, and rather third-party apps will also have an equally important role to play. Google wants app developers to start building their apps more wearable-friendly that will work seamlessly. Though more information is yet to be announced by Google but the developer site and design guidelines gives a broad idea of the package. Check out the video by Google after the jump, it looks pretty cool!